Why choose us?



You seek a journey to a new world of enjoyable wine that stretches far beyond the usual countries of Australia, Spain and France!  Close friends who love wine have set themselves a mission to find intriguingly different quality wines for you.  Each wine is carefully selected by Andrea.  Each wine must have character, each wine must have quality and it must be interesting, intriguing and different. 


Although excited and passionate about their wines, rest assured they know what they are doing. Andrea has worked in the wine trade for well over 20 years, travelling the world sourcing wines for all to enjoy.  She became a Master of Wine in 1996 and is one of only 312 fellow Masters of Wine scattered over 24 countries and 6 continents. 


Saryu is a qualified accountant. She and Andrea are close friends, having met at their previous employment. Saryu joined Character Wines as Director of Operations after leaving her role in finance in the food and beverage industry.  Saryu’s passion for wine and her professional background enables a unique partnership where she ensures operations are efficient, and manages company finances. Saryu is also very sociable and hands on and looks after our events management.


The spark that has become Character Wines burst, or at least started to smoulder, in a candlelit dining room with a small group of friends enjoying good food and wine. The focus of the conversation was India; Andrea had been watching the development of wines from the sub-continent for several years and failed to see why they were not more popular and readily available in the UK. 


At the time, Saryu was sceptical having tasted wines on family holidays to Mumbai and New Delhi.  Before they knew it, the bags were packed and they were off to India with a list of wineries to visit and a few contacts to call!  Needless to say, it was a fantastic adventure full of colour, life and surprises, added to which some of the wines were indeed very good.  Their excitement to discover new wine, with Andrea's seal of approval continued to Austria, Portugal and Herefordshire.  It is with great passion that they now want to share their finds with YOU!

Your payments are secure on this site.  You are in safe hands, so let Andrea lead the way.  Read on and discover 'Wines of Character' for yourself!  India, Austria and Portugal are the first regions to explore.