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Visit to Nashik, the wine capital of India

On a trip to Nashik and Shirdi in India, I am travelling in a chauffeured car as a tourist with friends, yet also with my new hat on as Director of Operations. I was excited to be visiting the beautiful winery of Vintage Wines (our latest Indian Wine supplier), producer of Reveilo wines. The road journey from Mumbai to Nashik in India’s pleasant winter climate was comfortable, scenic and thankfully free from excessive traffic!

I had a warm welcome from owner and producer, Yatin Patil, receiving an informative tour of the winery, finishing with some exquisite tastings of new vintages which were truly amazing. Being my first visit here and knowing that both Rajesh and Andrea had already visited, It was fascinating to hear about the 100 acre family ancestral farm and how Yatin and wife Kiran returned to this estate to follow their immense passion for wine, with the first wine varietals planted almost 20 years ago.

With an area of just over 30,000 sq ft, the winery is spacious and houses state-of-the-art facilities. It is located in close proximity to the vineyards so that no loss of quality is ensued during transportation. The winery is temperature controlled to ensure that wine is always below 20° C, which in turn, helps in preventing oxidation.

The winery has an advanced laboratory, a top- notch cellar and a spacious warehouse. Also housed inside the winery is a state of the art tank room and a bottling room. I was impressed with the quality of the Italian equipment!

I was fortunate enough to catch the sunset just as I left this delightful landscape, to rejoin my friends on my roadtrip.

At Character Wines, we offer 5 wines from this winery, all carefully selected by our very own Master of Wine, Andrea Hargrave.

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