The single vineyard Steinmassl raises above the romantic Losi, the site a series of stone terraces exposed to the south and the sun.  The primary rocks heat up during the day, retaining heat for the cool nights, which is excellent for grape development. This Gruner Veltliner gains its finesse from the minerality in the soil. The result is powerful and concentrated with excellent minerality and depth of flavour.  The flavours linger pleasantly on the palate, eagerly awaiting the next sip.

Nastl Gruner Veltliner Steinmassl Kamptal DAC Rsrv

  • Gunter Nastl describes this wine as ‘not just a brief encounter, but a long talk…intense dedication to the aspects of origin, single vineyard and complexity of the soil’. This wine is perfect with food and would grace any table. It would go well with fish, poultry and lighter red meats such as pork.

    75cl ABV 14%

    Suitable for vegetarians